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Life2022 (Canal YouTube)

Mise à jour le : 30 septembre 2022, par Thierry HANNEDOUCHE,
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Life/2022 is an educational program chaired by Prof. C. Wanner, University Hospital Würzburg, Prof. P. Stenvinkel, Karolinska Institute Stockholm and empowered by Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH.

Providing a platform for international scientific exchange together with the world’s leading nephrologists, Life/2022 is dedicated to shaping the future of personalized patient care. The Life/2022 nephrology campus includes a series of 18 webinars, started on September 15, 2020 up to now.

The nephrology campus has the motto “The future of kidney disease – a joint call for personalized patient care.” With an innovative combination of quick-fire lectures, debates, and case-based presentations it will deliver up-to-date information from leading clinicians and researchers that can be integrated directly into clinical practice. Participants from more than 100 countries are expected and eminent national and international speakers – giving you the unique opportunity to extend your professional network, virtually meet world-renowned experts and advance your knowledge.


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